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In high school we used to joke around about the Asian Invasion taking place in Milpitas. It’s a relatively small town, just north of San Jose, here in California. Back then, if you were to somehow miss the stench spewing from the local dumping grounds, you might have driven right by, on your way to where you really wanted to be.

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Soy Sauce.

At some point or another, perhaps during dinner at your neighborhood sushi restaurant, you might’ve wondered how us Asians could ever survive a meal without our delectable, umami filled soy sauce.

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To share a thought is to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Because once you’ve decided as Pandora once did to lift the lid, what’s unveiled could be overwhelmingly haunting and terrifying. And if you’re not considerate and thoughtful and obedient, well… it could very well be the death of you.

“An American flag on the 4th of July” by Aaron Burden

Rewriting the Asian American Narrative

So there I was, at an intersection in Albuquerque, barked at by two guys in a shitty, broke down truck. It was a beautiful, sunny day. I was out for a run. They told me to go the fuck back home.

It has surely rained before. Quite a few times actually, in the span of years defined by some as a lifetime. But it’s a concept so abstract these days, so difficult to measure, as if we’re living in some other world.

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a series on fulfilling a purpose

verse three, so there i was

She was loud and obnoxious, emotional and legitimately out of control. Eleven going on twenty-five, and as fate would have it, assigned to me. Her name was Priscilla, and it was my first day at Glenwood Elementary School.

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a series on fulfilling a purpose

verse two, back in the day

Before we continue on, it’s worth noting I’ve been on this path for a while now. Though the road has never been easy.

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a series on fulfilling a purpose

verse one, the intro

Every so often his eyelids would flicker, and slightly open, before collapsing under the weight of pure exhaustion. We were deep into it, and the mental anguish, the mind-numbing boredom was just too much.

The “Growing Pains” Cast

Lately, it’s become apparent that I’m always wishing for things to change. It’s ingrained in my psyche, this constant, consuming need. It’s frustrating and confusing, and I wish it weren’t so.

a series on the pursuit of happiness

Hello there, Sunrise Children’s Hospital :)

I understand now, that a pursuit of happiness is one that never ends.

And Then Nevada

Finally in Vegas, beyond the shadows of decadence and wildly lavish dreams, there was light, and a sense that perhaps someone was watching from above. It wasn’t where we’d imagined ourselves to be. Yet amidst a desert born of self-indulgence and greed, we were given the chance to mend a failing heart.


lending my words to our collective Asian American voice

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